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What does it mean to be Donor-First?

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Imagine What You Could Do If Your Fundraising Machine Was Always On

Imagine What You Could Do If Your Fundraising Machine Was Always On

Marketers and development officers, some of the most creative and amazing people in the nonprofit industry, are tasked with increased fundraising objectives year after year. Organizations are expected to serve more, do more, and deliver more good. Awesome in concept, stressful starting at zero every Q1. It’s exhausting!

At iDonate, we think organizations should be raising money while they sleep. 

A good digital marketing and fundraising strategy is the key to making that dream a reality. Wondering how to do that? We’ve partnered with a best-of-breed marketing agency to bring you Always On Fundraising Services. 

Always On Fundraising couples digital marketing strategies and media spend with a giving system that meets donors where they are – online. As our adaptive technologies gain donor intelligence, they inform our digital marketing strategies. This ultimately creates a sophisticated, customized donor engagement that maximizes your return on investment. The benefit of digital marketing programs aligned with your digital fundraising system helps address the biggest challenge in the market – donor retention.  

Here’s why it works…

Digital media and digital giving systems have made it much easier to reach old and new audiences by delivering the right message, at the right time, and in the right place. By connecting in meaningful ways to new audiences, we move them from awareness to engagement. By connecting with current donors in meaningful ways, we cultivate long-term relationships. 

The best part about Always On Fundraising – we’ve made it easy to pilot and launch. Always On Fundraising is proven to work.  

We live in a digital world. Today’s donors are today’s consumers and accustomed to digital engagement. Covid-19 has accelerated the adoption of technology and all ages and types of donors are now accustomed to engaging with organizations online. This is good news for you. This means that you have a chance every day to build awareness, cultivate new people, and engage them with your organization.

5 tips to simplify online giving for the donor.

In order to simplify online giving, you need to improve the donor’s user experience. If your supporter gets stuck in the decision-making process wondering what they should do next or gets sent off to a giving form that is no longer on your website, they can get confused or nervous about security and abandon their donation.

How do we remove the barriers to giving and make the process simple? 

Here are five practical things to consider to appeal to today’s donors.

1. Keep the giving on your site

Donors that are taken to a third-party site to complete their gift have a higher likelihood of abandoning their donation; the discontinuity in design and navigation can cause confusion or lack of trust with the organization. Instead, embed a giving form on your website to keep the experience cohesive.

2. Make it easy to give monthly

More than 60% of repeat donors continue to give – so keep donors engaged after their initial gift. Regular communication and simple recurring giving options help keep the excitement alive.

3. Suggest the most frequently given gift amount

Add the “Most Popular” indicator and highlight that amount on your gift array to reduce donor friction during the decision-making process.

4. Use big, easy-to-touch buttons

Supporters are more likely to tap a button if its big and close to the call-to-action – and doesn’t require them to pinch and zoom.

5. Use a simple giving form design

Simple, single-column giving forms are more likely to be completed than complex, multi-column forms that may confuse or frustrate donors. 

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