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Common Thread: A Legacy of Service

Common Thread: A Legacy of Service

Welcome to another edition of Connected Giving. We love showcasing the incredible work of our customers and we’re excited about the response this magazine continues to receive. I am particularly excited about writing the introduction to this issue, as it’s personal to me.

In 1976, my grandfather, former Oklahoma Governor Raymond Gary, and my grandmother Emma, gave 37 acres of land and $200,000 in initial funding to build the Baptist Children’s Home in Madill, Oklahoma. Of all the things my grandfather accomplished, he was probably most proud of this. When I visited his ranch in the summertime, he would always take me by the home to see the team and meet some of the young kids who were being cared for. I witnessed the respect and encouragement he shared. He became an inspiration, both to me and to those kids, about what we could achieve. His gift was a calling of service to others, and he loved to practice it at the home.

Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes (ABCH), like the home established by my grandparents, provides an incredibly important service in our society. 

According to their website, there are approximately 6,000 children in foster care in Alabama alone, and ABCH provides essential services to more than 400 of those children.

What I love about their model is that it’s not just a shelter. They care holistically for the children — from foster care, to help with college, counseling, family care, and more. As scripture says, every child is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Without organizations like ABCH, these children might never understand the love, support, and hope they so deserve.

I am also honored to say that the Chief Development Officer of Alabama Baptist Children’s Homes, Todd McMichen, is more than just a customer; he is a friend. Todd has built his career in developing leaders while serving in multiple ministerial roles. He is passionate about his work and pours himself into the cause and mission. We are proud to serve Todd and his team and the great work they do, and we’re thrilled to showcase their success in this issue.

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