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Show your Impact For Giving Tuesday

Show your Impact For Giving Tuesday
The mission of your nonprofit is to make a positive change for your community. Every year, there is a day where you can join a global movement with those working to do the same.
Giving Tuesday is coming up on November 30. It is a day where nonprofits and businesses of all kinds come together to encourage and inspire others to give for the purpose of spreading generosity across the world. The impact that is felt on this single day carries into the rest of the year for your year-end giving efforts.

But to your donors, a large campaign like Giving Tuesday shouldn’t come out of nowhere. Why should they give on this day? What would be the result of their gift? What does Giving Tuesday mean to you and them? To help answer those questions, you need to show what your donors’ impact has been all year and how Giving Tuesday can be even more significant with their help.

Ways To Show Impact

Donors always want to know how their gifts are being used. They want to hear success stories of lives being changed for the better and taking the time to tell those stories can bring about interaction and engagement.

Blogs are a great medium to tell these kinds of positive stories. They allow you the space to put your story in one location while showing the reader multiple reasons how their gift is at work.

If you have any upcoming events surrounding Giving Tuesday, email newsletters are an excellent way to spread the word. They give your donors a quick snapshot of information about an event or program and is also a great place to link to a recent success story you wrote in a blog.

Engaging with your donors is vitally important to building trust in your organization and a creating a lifelong relationship. With many donors now preferring to go digital with their gifts, meeting them online through social media shows that you are active with their generosity and not there just for a one-time gift.

In any form, let your donors and community know that anyone can give. If you see a need in your community, step up and invite others to help. Businesses of any size, churches, nonprofits, families, and even individuals themselves can participate in Giving Tuesday. Simply being active in your community can deliver a powerful message.

Giving Tuesday for Your End-of-Year Campaign

Giving Tuesday is a day that brings your entire year of giving into one moment and is meant to kick off your end-of-year giving campaign. The year end is a busy time for everyone. The holiday season is one intended to spark joy and fulfillment, but can sometimes bring about unwanted stress. The money you raise at the end of each year can assuredly help you meet your fundraising goals, but the impact can be much greater.

As you create your Giving Tuesday campaign, think about the significance it can have for your donors and your community the rest of the year. It shouldn’t be thought of as just a one-day event, but rather a time where you express generosity to your donors every day. Show your donors why you are participating and what you have planned for the rest of the year. By doing so, you might be able to make your end-of-year campaign the best one yet.

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