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What is a donation page?

Start converting more donors with our guide to donation pages.

Optimizing donation page load time

Slow donation page load times got you down? This guide is for you.

PCI compliance for nonprofits

A crash course in PCI compliance for your nonprofit.


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Six Connected Giving Principles

Six Connected Giving Principles

The cost of attracting new donors is expensive. Despite the widespread emphasis on attracting new donors, the most valuable part of an interaction with a donor is the second gift.

The most successful nonprofits see their donors as long-term collaborators.
By investing in authentic relationships with those donors over time, organizations experience higher yearly giving, higher retention rates, and low donor churn. 

1. Donor Centric

The goal should never begin with chasing the largest one-time gift. From vision to execution, every decision is made with the donor benefit in mind.

2. Alignment & Accessibility

When a nonprofit organization starts with the donor-centric mindset, it influences the alignment of the operational teams and the tools of donor engagement. 

3. Brand Consistency

Consistent branding across all in-person and virtual touchpoints is a top priority. Alignment in brand style, voice, and tone is a powerful differentiator.

4. Clear & Proactive

Anticipate donor needs and proactively offer insights before the donor is asked. This approach engenders donor trust, and promotes ongoing engagement. 

5. Intentional & Relevant

Carefully select touch points already integrated into the donor’s everyday lifestyle. Provide relevant content delivered in a timely and accessible way.

6. Personalized Experiences 

Focus on personalizing experiences so donors feel seen in every interaction. When they know their gift has impact, they relate more like lifelong friends and less like acquaintances. 



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