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Giving Tuesday 2022: What Is It All About?

man giving a bag of food to another man at a food drive

If you can believe it, we’re already more than halfway through the year. Summer is nearing its end, school is starting up again, and before you know it, the holiday season will be in full swing.

End-of-year giving is always a major event for nonprofits. Anywhere between 22-30% of annual giving comes in the month of December. The reason for that high percentage can’t be pinned to just one. There are multiple variables that go into the large increase including the spirit of giving during the holidays and nonprofits simply looking to hit budgetary goals for the year. All nonprofit sectors see different results – some higher than others – but all the giving that happens in the final month comes back to the belief that it is all about changing the world through radical generosity.

And even just for one day a year, this is what Giving Tuesday is about.

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History of Giving Tuesday and Last Year’s Numbers

Giving Tuesday was a movement started in 2012 in an office building in New York City. It was born with a simple idea to just be generous, whether it be through money or just time spent volunteering.

The number of donations and country movements have grown and continue to set records every year. In 2021, there were over 80 countries worldwide that created an official Giving Tuesday movement, and in the U.S., there were over 260 community campaigns to spark generosity in their local region. This resulted in $2.7 billion being raised on November 30, with nearly $1 billion coming from digital.

What Is Next?

Giving Tuesday has seen tremendous growth in its 10-year run, and there’s no reason to believe it will slow down anytime soon. Recently, Giving Tuesday laid out a strategic plan on what it hopes to accomplish in the years ahead. This includes:

  • Reach over 125 worldwide movements
  • Create over 1,000 community campaigns in the U.S.
  • Drive over $10 billion in annual giving in the U.S.

Specifically for 2022, Giving Tuesday laid out a goal of $3.4 billion being donated in the U.S. From last year’s total, that would be an increase of over 25%. That may seem lofty, but the 2020 total was already a 25% increase from 2019, and the 2021 total was a 37% increase from two years prior, so who’s to say it can’t be done again?

Reaching that number will take everyone being generous together. To make everyone aware, now is the time to start mastering your Giving Tuesday 2022 plan. What will your messaging be? Who will it be sent to? What will you include in your giving form? What channels will you use to send out your campaign?

November 29, 2022 may still be over three months away, but the date is coming up quick. Use the end of the summer months to start polishing your Giving Tuesday 2022 campaign so you can set your own donation records on one of the busiest giving days of the year.

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