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Cleaning Up for Giving Tuesday

Cleaning Up for Giving Tuesday

2021 has flown by, and we are already in the month of November. Not only is this the busiest time of year for travel, family gatherings, and shopping, it is the most important time of year for charitable giving.

All year, you have spent time engaging with your donors about the needs for your mission. All the campaigns you have run and events you have hosted were part of the bigger picture in reaching your donation goal. And whether you have reached that goal or not, the year isn’t over. It’s time to end the year strong with a Giving Tuesday campaign that is one to remember.

Now that you have prepared for Giving Tuesday by creating campaign ideas and reminding donors the impact they have made throughout the year, make sure you have all the right tools in place for this worldwide day of giving. Is your donation form set up properly? How does your campaign landing page look?

Use the tips below to make sure the nuts and bolts of your campaign are tightened so that Giving Tuesday can be your best day yet.

Using the Right Tools

In the iDonate system, you have access to multiple features that help make the giving experience simple for your donors. Which feature are you using and how can you make it the best it can be?

Custom Donation Forms

On Giving Tuesday, creating an embedded giving form for web and mobile can be one of the easiest methods to use. In the form, you can select the campaign you wish to target the donation (e.g. Giving Tuesday), allowing you to track all donations made specifically for the day. You can also create custom gift amounts for the day, add colors, display an impact message, and give donors a special thank you note at the end. Utilizing the customizable features creates a form that stands out and is tied directly to your Giving Tuesday campaign. Show me how

Landing Pages

The form can be easily linked from your site’s donation page, but you can also create a separate one done specifically for a campaign landing page. This page can be a great place to house all the information you may want your donors to know for Giving Tuesday. The content you add, whether it be through words, images, or video, should be quick and direct so that donors know the immediate purpose of the landing page. You can also add a visual goal meter to the page as a way to keep donors updated about the progress, as well as motivated to help reach the goal amount. Show me how


To further personalize the Giving Tuesday experience, and to make the day a true team effort, creating a peer-to-peer page gives your campaign a centralized location for donations. This is much like a landing page, but lets donors create their own fundraiser tied to the campaign. This allows anyone, individuals or teams, to get as creative as they want to raise money for the campaign, ultimately making a giving experience that feels like their own. Show me how

On your end, be sure to enable nurturing messages to remind the fundraisers of their progress so they themselves can communicate to donors about their continued push. As with the landing page, you can design the page with your own colors and messaging; just make sure it is consistent and the content is short and impactful. 


Providing donors more than one way to give adds even more convenience to Giving Tuesday. Another simple method to use is text-to-give. Setting up text-to-give is as simple as creating a keyword and tying it to a campaign. The customizable automated message then sends the donor a direct link to your specified donation page. Show me how

The Final Push

Whatever method you choose for your Giving Tuesday campaign, it is important to make sure all links are correct, all content conveys the message you want, and your pages are ready to launch. Cleaning up any loose ends now can prevent any problems down the road and makes your Giving Tuesday campaign a great experience for everyone.

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