Optimize Your Giving Form For Year-End Appeals

Optimize Your Giving Form For Year-End Appeals

We know your end-of-year giving campaign can be one of the most important fundraising efforts you take on all year. 

In 2019, over 23% of all donations were given in December alone. This year, let iDonate help you maximize your efforts with thoughtfully designed giving form embeds, so you can connect with your supporters and secure the dollars your organization needs. 

Update your giving form to suggest the most frequently given gift amount. 

Review donation amounts from November and December for prior years to determine the most frequent gift amount for your organization. These two months tend to have higher donation amounts than the remainder of the year and you will want to ensure this amount, or an option close to it, is in your gift array. Add the description “Most Popular” to that value and default your giving form to that amount so it is highlighted and easy for a donor to see. 

Pre-select your Donor Pays Fee option. 

Give your donors another opportunity to support your organization by paying for your processing fees. You can now pre-select the option for your donors when you set up your giving form — your donors can still choose to uncheck the box if they’d prefer. 

Provide Matching Gift opportunities. 

Donors can have an even greater impact by connecting to their employer for a matching contribution. We suggest adding the corporate matching field to your giving form on the confirmation page, to reduce friction during the donation process. 

Powerful Tools to Give Donors the Experience They Deserve

iDonate is the leading fundraising software provider that exists to grow nonprofits and create a more generous world. Through giving channels such as website, peer-to-peer, text, and events, nonprofits are able to empower donors with the personalized experiences they are accustomed to online.


Visual cues like adding the “Most Popular” indicator and highlighting that particular amount on your gift array can reduce donor friction during the decision-making process, and increase your revenue by 23.8% per visitor.

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