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Best Ways to Increase Donor Advocacy for Ukraine

Best Ways to Increase Donor Advocacy for Ukraine

As we have seen recently, the need for worldwide communication and aid is at an all-time high. The tragic events we are seeing in Ukraine has spurred a calling for donations across the globe. For many organizations that are directly helping with refugees and those still in Ukraine, their communication to donors everywhere is a major part of raising the required funds to continue in their mission.

Being transparent about your mission and grateful for your donor’s gifts are important at any point in the year, but is ever more so during times of crisis like this one. Strengthening your message with your donors goes a long way in creating lasting relationships. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you communicate with donors.

Tell quick, powerful stories

Everyone is aware of what is happening to Ukraine and its people. This is the time to create a quick but powerful message about your mission to help. Tell your donors exactly where their money is going and how it will be used. If possible, remember to give consistent updates with your work in Ukraine. If you have people there directly helping, let your donors know how they are doing.

Don't clutter communication with too many calls to action

Don't overwhelm your donors with too many requests. As mentioned, your communication should be concise. Seeing what is happening, donors are seeking immediate ways to donate to Ukraine. Make sure you give your donors an easy-to-find donation page and campaign that asks for a simple donation. If you ask too many things at once, donors are less likely to follow through on any of them.

Talk to them like they're part of the team

Remember that your donors are a significant part of what you do. They aren't simply cheerleaders on the sidelines who cheer on your organization – instead, they are an integral part of the team. Make sure your tone is more like a conversation than a monologue. Recognize who your donors are and talk directly to them.

Help them become advocates

Let your donors know how they can advocate for you. Give them ways to share your campaign or donation page. Social media can be a powerful ally and giving your donors the opportunity to share your mission and why everyone should donate will go a long way. Peer-to-peer communication is important in fundraising, so empower and equip your donors to help you recruit others.

Say "Thank you!"

Every donation is a big deal. If you are running a campaign specifically for Ukraine, this is a donation that will literally go across the globe and greatly help many people in need. Your organization depends on simple generosity to continue doing your work. Always thank your donors for their investment

Where to Donate

For anyone who is looking to give generously to the Ukrainian people who need it most, we have put together a list of organizations who are working to raise the needed funds.

Global Impact

Global Impact works to empower freedom and potential through leadership training, ministry, community development, and human trafficking prevention across the world. You can donate directly to their Ukraine Emergency Relief Fund which is helping all refugees fleeing across the border.

Josiah Venture

Josiah Venture trains up young leaders to grow and prosper in discipleship and evangelism, and to support them as they build up churches throughout Eastern Europe, including in Ukraine. They are working to provide full-scale accommodations at their training centers to Ukrainian refugees in the neighboring countries.

Send Relief

Send Relief is a collaboration between the International Mission Board and the North American Mission Board that seeks to address challenges of poverty, health, and hunger through mission trips and ministry throughout the US and internationally. They are working with local Baptist partners and churches in Ukraine and the surrounding nations to help the displaced refugees.

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE)

ABWE is a Christian ministry organization that works to spread the Gospel throughout the world through a variety of ministries. Their team of missionaries in Ukraine are serving with the refugees to provide them with the help they need.

Jewish Colorado

Jewish Colorado connects those of the Jewish faith in Colorado together so they can build up a vibrant community and remain connected. They have put together their Ukraine Emergency Fund to support their global partners in the Ukrainian region.

Jews for Jesus

Jews for Jesus brings together Jewish people and those of other faiths so that they can remain allies while also supporting missionaries who are teaching about both the Hebrew scriptures and the New Testament. They have a group of staff and their families in Ukraine providing aid and much-needed support to refugees.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles works to ensure the growth of the Jewish people by supporting the local Jewish community through a variety of social and medical care opportunities and community engagement. They have created the Ukraine Jewish Community Relief Fund to help support the thousands of Jewish people in Ukraine.

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