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2 min read

What a Comprehensive Giving Platform Means for Your Nonprofit

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Today’s donors expect more. When they choose to give online, they expect simplicity, transparency, and security. When your giving platform checks those boxes, potential supporters are more likely to become advocates, and advocates are more likely to become long-term partners.

At iDonate, we know you’re looking for a simple solution that keeps up. Our comprehensive giving platform offers the seamless experience your donors want while providing all the tools your team needs. Your donors have lots to give and want an easy way to donate. You’re looking for a platform that is able to handle all those donations while making your work easier. We’re not talking about just a set it-and-forget it, one-size-fits-all system. You want a system that you can make your own and work as your own.

Luckily, iDonate has that kind of system for you. From the simplest of online cash donations, to the complexity of noncash gifts, our comprehensive giving platform is one that can solve your needs.

And the results speak for themselves: Large nonprofits using iDonate see an increase of 30% in annual giving year-to-year.

Here’s how a comprehensive giving platform makes all the difference.

A Simple Solution for Donors

Whether it’s their first or 100th gift, your supporters deserve a frictionless and positive experience every time. These tools (and more) work together so donors can support your nonprofit in a snap:

  • Embedded Giving Experience: Make it easy for supporters to give however and whenever they like. With giving forms that are personalized, mobile-friendly, and embeddable anywhere on your site, they’ll stay longer and give more.
  • Peer-to-Peer: Empower your champions to set up and manage their own fundraising campaigns. With P2P, it’s easy for advocates to build and edit their own campaigns, keep in touch with donors (e.g., friends, family, and colleagues), and stay on top of results.
  • Noncash Payments: Let donors give in whatever way suits their fancy. Cars, crypto, stock, boats — you name it, we’ll help you use non-cash gifts to do more good.


An Empowering Tool for Your Team

The average nonprofit uses over five systems to fundraise — that’s four systems too many. With iDonate, tidy up your list of disjointed tools with an all-in-one platform. Less systems = more time for your mission.

A few of the many tools designed with your team in mind:

  • Donation Landing Pages: Build customized landing pages for events, email campaigns, and more — without help from your IT department. Your team will know what to do in minutes.
  • Events: Track registrations, offer discount codes, and process donations all in one place. With iDonate, managing event details is a breeze.
  • Text-to-Give: Increase your efficiency and stay connected to supporters. With text-to-give, donors have the power to give quickly, plus your team has one less thing to manage. Need to poll your supporters, send them links to learn more, or rally them for events? Text-to-give has you covered there, too.


It’s simple: A comprehensive giving platform makes it easy for donors and helps your team raise more. With iDonate, you have every tool you need to grow your good.

Ready to see our digital fundraising platform in action? Book a demo at the link below.

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