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What does it mean to be Donor-First?

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What is a donation page?

Start converting more donors with our complete guide to donation pages.

PCI compliance for nonprofits

Use this overview to get up-to-speed on what your nonprofit needs for PCI compliance.


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Giving needs to be simple for the donor, and management of the giving process needs to be simple for the organization. Like most things, simplification in managing the giving process comes from the strategic use of the right technologies.

That right technology is iDonate 2.0, our newly updated Digital Fundraising Platform. We designed it from the ground up to accelerate online giving results, appealing to the expectations of today’s empowered donors.

It doesn’t replace your CRM, it turns it into a fundraising machine. You should continue to use the CRM for donor data and reporting, but give your existing technology investment a donor-centric side with a Digital Fundraising Platform that allows you to:

  • Do more to acquire new donors
  • Do more to engage present and future donors
  • Multiply the impact of your donors by maturing their relationship and attracting second, third, and fourth gifts

Maximize Your CRM by Integrating Superior Giving Technology

Your CRM/donor management system represents a significant investment of money, time, and business process. It was designed to be a repository of donor data, not to be an online fundraising accelerator. Expensive legacy donor management systems that require an entire IT team to run or donor management systems that were created from CRM or sales management systems weren’t built for nonprofits.

These database companies attempted to move into “fundraising” by bolting on donation forms or email systems. But this not only falls short of the needs of the digital marketer who is responsible for connecting to today’s donor, it also doesn’t address the fundamentals of digital marketing.

  • Where do MY donors come from? Which fundraising channel is working and what’s my return on marketing spend?
  • How well is my message resonating with my supporters? What is my conversion rate on each giving form, each campaign, each channel?
  • Am I giving them the appropriate “ask”? What is my average gift size for this donor cohort?

See our platform in action. Browse through our case studies to learn how our platform and optimizers have helped many nonprofits grow their giving. → Read More

Create Simple, Secure Embedded Giving Forms

iDonate embedded technology means, unlike other solutions, there’s no web address change or domain masking to create security concerns when the donor engages with the giving form. Launching or editing an embedded giving form takes seconds, with no tech help required. As well, creating a hosted page where the form will live can be done right from the same builder. Your campaign, the giving channels, giving form, and the campaign web page can be completed in a matter of minutes and edited and optimized to your own specifications.

Optimize and Personalize Your Pages and Forms for Enhanced Giving

Every donor is different, and each one won’t respond the same to a giving ask as another would. Simply creating a campaign and hoping it goes well isn’t an ideal strategy. What if you could constantly analyze your campaign, see areas of improvement, and immediately optimize it to amplify your donations?

This is what iDonate provides with Donor-First Optimizers that are built right into the platform. These include a pre-optimized library of form templates that are already guaranteed to work. Customizable gift array labels, corporate gift matching, a recurring gift prompt, and (coming soon) an A/B testing feature to test two different versions of your forms and pages side by side. All of this is developed and backed by recognized industry leader NextAfter.

Along with the optimization tools at your disposal, you’ll also have dedicated customer and implementation support just a phone call away. Your mission is too important to mess with brand new technology for too long. We walk you through the complexities so you can start with success.

Measure Giving Effectiveness With Reporting and Analytical Tools

You want to do more of what’s working and less of what’s not, and the only way you’ll know which campaigns are effective is with real-time insights into donor conversion, average gift sizes, traffic, recurring gifts, and more. iDonate’s software provides the visibility you need to look under the hood of every campaign and every giving form so you can make sure you’re getting the peak performance from each.

Multiple Options for Giving

Make it easy for donors to give with iDonate’s suite of digital giving apps, like web and mobile giving, peer-to-peer, event ticketing, text-to-give, and noncash, one that includes the ability to handle stock and cryptocurrency. These giving options on a CRM, if available at all, are often hard to manage and not optimized to convert donors. No matter which option is used, your donors will recognize the giving experience as common for all methods and feel reassured and confident in completing their gift. And your back-office team will love having all of this in one platform with one donation table for all types of gifts.

Frictionless Online Giving... Simplified

We live in a world where everything is easier. Our culture of social media has made it easy to keep in touch. Our culture of apps has made it very easy to bank, to shop, to even find a ride somewhere. Easy used to be convenient, but it’s now the expectation. Every unnecessary step that donors must go through in order to complete a donation will lower the conversion rate. Using optimization tools and building your campaigns to be donor-centric are key ways to grow your fundraising at 2x the industry benchmark.

With the right digital fundraising platform you can simplify generosity, multiply donations, and amplify your impact. Want to learn more or ready to get started? Contact us today at the link below.

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