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Campus Outreach: Parent/Child Org Restructuring & Peer-to-Peer Giving

Campus Outreach | iDonate

Campus Outreach Mission

The vision of Campus Outreach International is “Glorifying God by building Laborers on the Campus for the Lost World.” Campus Outreach does this by boldly sharing the Gospel on college campuses and training students to become mature followers of Christ, ready to Glorify God in their lives and careers.

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Watch the video to see how Campus Outreach is leveraging Peer-to-Peer fundraising
to simplify their lives and raise more!


Campus Outreach International/Campus Outreach Birmingham started in Birmingham, Alabama with the organization growing to over 30 franchises on different college campuses, and many using different digital giving platforms. At the start of 2019, the Birmingham office and their national office essentially operated as one entity. The national office that served each chapter needed to separate operations from the Birmingham chapter to create an environment that was easier to add additional chapters under the national office. Therefore, Campus Outreach Serve was put in place, and staff were then transitioned to this new organization.


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iDonate was able to support this transition by creating a new organization giving instance for Campus Outreach Serve, and allowing that organization to be the parent org to other chapters added as “children.” This change required the transfer of recurring payments from one organization to another within the iDonate system without interruption. The entire process was seamless and did not require that donors take any action.

The current setup allows other franchise Campus Outreach organizations to switch to iDonate for a reduced chapter fee with full autonomy on how they operate their fundraising campaigns. In addition, the national office has visibility into how each chapter is performing. This structure will allow for each chapter to learn more from one another so they can maximize their fundraising efforts.


Campus Outreach Serve and Campus Outreach Birmingham are now fully separated, and both continue to see fundraising success. Despite the transition, Campus Outreach Birmingham and Campus Outreach Serve grew a combined 8.5% in 2019 compared to 2018.

+8.5% increase to Campus Outreach Birmingham and Campus Outreach Serve grew a combined 8.5% in 2019 compared to 2018.

Additional Franchises Using iDonate Campus Outreach

  • Campus Outreach DC
  • Campus Outreach Columbus
  • Campus Outreach Indianapolis
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