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What does it mean to be Donor-First?

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Six Principles of Connected Giving

1 min read

Six Connected Giving Principles

The cost of attracting new donors is expensive. Despite the widespread emphasis on attracting new donors, the most valuable part of an interaction with a donor is the second gift.

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cardboard cutout of all the world's continents showing ABWE's presence

3 min read

ABWE: On a Mission for Self-Sustaining Gospel Multiplication

The core of the ABWE mission is based on what is called the Great Commission: Then Jesus came to [the disciples] and said,

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person typing in credit card info on a computer for a donation

Does your Donation Platform Scare Away Major Donors?

Bill High, Executive Chairman & Founder of The Signatry: A Global Christian Foundation, gives insight into what he looks for in a nonprofit’s...

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man standing in front of window and post it notes thinking

2 min read

6 reasons you aren’t getting more donors

Problem #1: You don’t think like Bezos Amazon’s one-click purchasing platform has trained customers to desire and expect simplicity and speed in...

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two men working together on a computer

2 min read

6 Questions To Optimize Your Online Fundraising

Does my donation page give donors opportunities to leave the page?  Donors are already inundated with their own distractions online: news constantly...

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woman standing in front of white board thinking about strategy

5 min read

Building Your Fundraising Strategy: 5 Things To Keep In Mind

While your supporters, in the end, will be the ones who determine whether or not your campaign is successful, it’s up to your team to build the best...

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