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What is a donation page?

Start converting more donors with our guide to donation pages.

Optimizing donation page load time

Slow donation page load times got you down? This guide is for you.

PCI compliance for nonprofits

A crash course in PCI compliance for your nonprofit.


Digital Fundraising Resources

Hi there!

Meet the Digital Fundraising Platform you've been waiting for.

Let me introduce you to our advanced fundraising solution powered by “donor-first optimization;" enabling nonprofits to reach, convert, and retain more of today’s donors.

A Platform Built to Optimize

Our newly updated Digital Fundraising Platform provides you, the fundraiser, with a set of capabilities and features that are proven improve overall donor acquisition, conversion and retention rates.

Developed in conjunction with recognized industry leader in the digital-first fundraising space, NextAfter, our patented "Donor-First Optimization" techniques which are built right into the platform enable point-and-click A/B testing, landing page optimization, automated recurring gift prompts, and so much more.

Gone are the days of having a bunch of disjointed tools, not synced together, nor intelligently integrated into your backend systems. Now, all of your fundraising systems can be seamlessly integrated into a robust digital platform, ensuring your fundraising asks are presented clearly, personalized to donor preferences, and optimized for conversion.

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“Your embedded platform makes a seamless experience for donors and employees. It’s frictionless. That’s the big selling point.”

- Phil Sineath, CO Serve

“You helped us streamline. Now customers can easily do more self-serve donations, more efficiently.”

- Peg Jones, North American Mission Board (NAMB)

Donor-First Optimizers

When it comes to digital fundraising optimization, you need a platform that makes it simple to test, configure, and adapt your giving experience to meet the needs and expectations of your donors.

We've partnered with NextAfter, the recognized leader in digital-first fundraising, to bring the modern fundraiser the optimization tools they need.

We've built in a robust set of Donor-First Optimizers:
  • Point & Click A/B Testing
  • Pre-optimized Template Library
  • Personalized Gift Array Labels
  • Corporate Gift Matching
  • Recurring Gift Prompt
  • Advanced Donor Acquisition
  • Giving Impact Equation
  • Contextual Giving and more!
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The Truth About Optimization

Did you know removing friction, such as asking for non-essential donor information (like a phone number), from your giving experience can increase donor acquisition by over 40%? Simple, yet powerful, optimization strategies like this can have a huge impact to your overall yearly donations. 

In fact, when iDonate customers utilize our platform's Donor-First Optimizers along with our Digital Amplification Services, they grow more than 2x the industry benchmark every year on average. 

Yet, recent reports show 95% of nonprofits today still have friction within their giving experience which is proven to lower conversion rate. 70% still require non-essential information, and (if you can believe it) 8% of today's nonprofits are still requiring the donor to enter their birthdate in order to give a gift!

Do you know how much in yearly digital donations you're leaving on the table by not being optimized? Find out with our FREE Assessment!


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Digital Amplification Services

We know it can be difficult, sometimes even overwhelming, to keep up with the constantly evolving technology within the digital fundraising space. Each year brings new tools, features, strategies, and systems which fundraisers (like you) have to figure out how to integrate into your digital fundraising landscape. It's a lot, we know.

That's why we provide an unrivaled set of services to help simplify those complexities, optimize for success, and amplify your growth!

  • Optimization Coaching (powered by NextAfter)
  • Dedicated Customer Success Account Managers
  • Unmatched Implementation Support
  • New Customer Onboarding & Training
  • Full Technical Support Team

Learn more about our unrivaled customer support!

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Book a demo

Learn More About Our 2x Guarantee

Isn't Simple Beautiful?

Our newly updated user interface (UI) provides an upgraded administrative environment that streamlines and automates multi-channel fundraising campaigns.

Enjoy a template library of best practice forms and landing pages that improve conversion rates, an integration exchange (iX) to help connect to and manage your data (from DI, CRM and marketing automation systems), as well as a suite of essential giving apps that all come together seamlessly to help our customers grow 2x the industry benchmark on average.


iDonate is Built for Today's Market

iDonate 2.0 solves a growing problem in the nonprofit community where organizations struggle to accelerate their digital transformation and grow new sources of revenue. A key roadblock that many nonprofits’ face is an ability to attract and retain new donors such as millennials when they are stuck using systems that only support traditional fundraising techniques and static campaign-driven asks.

With digital fundraising expected to grow in the next five years at rates similar to ecommerce (from 10% to 25% of an overall $450 billion in giving), nonprofit leaders are actively seeking new platforms that open up digital donation channels to web-savvy, socially-connected donors who give at the point of inspiration. iDonate 2.0 is designed from the ground up to serve this need.

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I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with members of iDonate’s management team over the past several years to deliver their solutions to our the Jewish Federation community. iDonate never failed to demonstrate their commitment to ensure that their platform and integrations met the needs of the Federations. I’m excited to work closely with the iDonate team to provide resources for all federations.

Steve Cupertino
Former CIO of Jewish Federations of North America


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We attribute our growth in online donations to the fact that with iDonate we can easily run specific, personalized giving campaigns that our alumni can connect to.
David Ritchie
Director of Information Services, Jefferson University
We've seen our donations double in the first two months of using iDonate.
Forest Pickett
Director of Development, OBU
In just two months we've already seen a 20% increase of first-time givers. We've seen tremendous results.
John Whitaker
Executive Director, Midwest Food Bank