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The essentials

What is a donation page?

Start converting more donors with our guide to donation pages.

Optimizing donation page load time

Slow donation page load times got you down? This guide is for you.

PCI compliance for nonprofits

A crash course in PCI compliance for your nonprofit.


Digital Fundraising Resources







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Amplify with the iDonate Way

Once you have our digital fundraising platform in-hand, with our robust donor-first optimizers at your fingertips, it's time to amplify your efforts with our optimization coaching and support services. 

iDonate provides an unrivaled set of training programs and support services to help simplify the complexities of digital fundraising, optimize your efforts for success, and amplify your growth! (we even guarantee it!)

  • 12-Month Optimization Program (powered by NextAfter)
  • Dedicated Customer Success Account Managers & Optimization Coaches
  • Unmatched Platform Implementation Training & Support
  • New Customer Onboarding & Training
  • Full Technical Support Team

Whether you're just starting to build out your digital fundraising programs and strategies or a seasoned online giving pro, our unmatched customer care team will help your optimize and amplify your fundraising efforts for success!

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Ready to optimize your impact?

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